TGB Zainul Majdi Calls To Condemn Acts Of Terrorism

02 Apr 2021 11:14:47– The series of terrorism acts has become a scourge for mankind. Most recently, in Indonesia, last Sunday (28/3), a husband and wife exploded a suicide bombing during a Christian Palm Sunday celebration at the Cathedral Church, Makassar, South Sulawesi. The victims experienced deep fear and trauma. They feel insecure about practising worship to the faith they believe in. A day after that, a girl carried a gun attacking the Police Headquarters in Jakarta. These kinds of crime are often committed in the name of religion.

TGB Zainul Majdi, the chairman of the Islamic Organization, NWDI in West Nusa Tenggara, calls Muslims and the Indonesian people to condemn these acts of terrorism. Majdi is a leading preacher who is intensively and persistently campaigning Islam Washatiyah (moderate Islam) or Islam as a religion of peace that teaches peace and compassion. In the Quran, Allah’s most frequently mentioned names are Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem, which means most gracious and most merciful.

TGB Zainul Majdi, who is also the chairman of the Organization of Indonesia Alumni Association of Al-Azhar University, firmly conveyed that acts of terrorism must be combated. Acts of terror clearly disrupt the fundamental values of Islam, namely the importance of humanity. Islam has never taught its adherents to commit crimes, let alone the loss of human life for religious or any reasons. In the holy Quran, some verses command the honour of fellow humans. Majdi quoted a verse of the Quran, “Really we have glorified humans. What is glorified by Allah SWT, must not be insulted”.

TGB also emphasizes that terrorism has clearly opposed the teachings of Islam, which must not be disobeyed. Killing fellow humans is a strict prohibition taught by the religion brought by the prophet Muhammad SAW. TGB imprecates how cruel this act of terrorism is. He even proclaims it a hate industry that attempts to destroy the order of life on earth. “This terrorism creates hatred and hostility, makes one party suspicious of each other and divides society,” he said.

Sadly, some recent records of terrorist acts have been pinned to Muslims. This label is a blow for Islam adherents. Whereas, Islam firmly against violence and evil in any form. TGB, the chairman of NWDI, reiterates that acts of terrorism are ‘haram’ which is not justified in Islam. TGB also allegedly speculates that this terrorist act is a hidden agenda for those who hate Islam. “Terrorism actually serves the agenda of people who do not like Islam,” he stated. In the end, TGB exclaims to pray and express condolences to the victims. (TL/Red).

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